Vaccination Volunteers at Danbury Medical Centre

The medical centre needs our help to ensure the vaccination process runs smoothly. Volunteers are required in order to fill the following roles:

  • Meet and greet

  • Car park stewards

  • Admin roles*

  • Administering of vaccines*

*Relevant experience is required for these roles - e.g a clinical background or retired clinician

Use the application form below to apply!

Fill in the required sections, add any relevant experience if you have it, then click submit!

You are also required to provide a reference, which should be someone that knows you well from around the Danbury area and not a family member. After submission of the form below, please forward this reference form to the individual who has agreed to be your reference and have them fill it out as soon as possible!

Struggling to apply using the form below?

Physical application forms will be available from St. John's meeting rooms, 9-11am on Mondays

Volunteer Application Form

Danbury Medical Centre Vaccinations

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A reference is required to go with this application, please see the information above this form for details!