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Penguin to Polar Bear Challenge

Congratulations, we visited both the penguins and the polar bears, making it from Pole to Pole in 105 days!





South Pole to North Pole


/ 12,430 miles !

Danbury Walking Groups

A number of members of the community have offered to lead informal walking groups for those that want to get out and about around Danbury! Click the button below to take a look at the different walking leaders, and drop them an email if you're interested in getting out for a walk with them!

Walking Leaders Contact Information


Easter Monday 5th April: Guided walk to Thrift Wood, The Wilderness and Woodham Walter.

The “Rule of 6” is back so come and join me for a 7 mile, 3 hour circular walk, starting in Danbury and taking in the daffodils  and The Wilderness. Email me if you are interested.


I have lived in Danbury for thirty years and know the local woodland paths well. I am happy to adapt my walks. I usually walk for about an hour in the morning  but could make it longer or shorter.


I live in Danbury and enjoy planning routes and getting to know new areas. I am available at weekends and like to walk between 8-10 miles.

Experiencing issues sending an email to a walking leader from the above links?  Try accessing the links from desktop rather than mobile, or contact the hub to get the desired email address (not shown for confidentiality reasons).​

No matter how far or fast you can walk, you can get involved in getting Danbury walking! Whether it's with friends, neighbours or family, let's get together and get walking! If you're stuck indoors, you can still count your daily steps and join our walking challenge. Every step counts.  

 Don't forget to keep posting your photos to the Danbury Village Community Facebook page ,  along with your name, and you might see them here!  Here are some more photos for you to enjoy...

If you're interested in joining (or leading) one of our informal walking groups then call the volunteer group on 07395 904761, or email

Deborah Lad
Deborah Lad

Danbury Palace

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Emma Overton Shipley
Emma Overton Shipley

Danbury Lakes

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KT Read
KT Read

Eve's Corner ducklings

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Deborah Lad
Deborah Lad

Danbury Palace

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Photos and Walking Routes

Have you run out of walks to do around Danbury? Or just looking for some new routes? Check out the OneDrive of walking routes put together by members of our community!

If you want to submit any walking routes to be added to this collection then email your route to the email address shown here. Equally, email any photos you have from your walks around Danbury to have them featured on this page!