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A big thank you to everyone that has supported the DVG as a Volunteer.  Whilst volunteering continues at the Danbury Medical Centre, we have a high number of Volunteers currently covering this and so we are not taking on new Volunteers at the moment.  Should things change in the future, especially as we draw into Winter, there may well be another roll call so please feel free to complete the Application Form below and we will contact you when the need arises.

In the meantime, there is the opportunity for personal development for volunteers with training courses, and one which we can recommend to help you gain skills and confidence to help someone you might encounter during volunteering who may be having challenges can be found at: 

Please fill out the application form below if you are interested in volunteering! For insurance purposes, after submitting the form please also ask a local friend (not a family member) to complete this reference form for you.  

Volunteer Application Form

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A reference is required to go with this application, please see the information above this form for details!


Please ensure you are familiar with the information in these policies as part of becoming a volunteer.